Wataboard EX1 v3 (Refurbished)


Occasionally we receive EX1 models on trade-in from customers who are upgrading to an EX2. These kits have been refurbished to be in like new condition and come complete ready to fly.

Made for Extreme Hydro-flight

  • #1 in Safety! Just pull the pin below your boots and you are instantly disconnected from the board.
  • #1 in Performance. You will fly in less than 10 minutes.

Complete with everything you need and ready to fly water jet board. Just add water and your own boots/bindings. We recommend a jet ski with at least 120 HP but the more horsepower the better. This hydro-flight (flyboard) device will fit most jet skis or jet boats.

In stock (can be backordered)

Jet Pump Type * 

Please select the jet ski brand that you will be using. Some Sea Doo models have a three bolts pattern. In addition to the jet pump adapter you will also need a special spacer for this model.

Upgrade to Power Flow System

Our newly redesigned U pipe has a 5 inch (127mm) inside bore. Compared to other competitors’ 110mm U pipes ours has a 15% greater water flow. This results in huge performance improvement and virtually eliminates any back pressure and any vibrations. Combined with a 5″ (127mm) diameter 10 foot (3 m) long extension hose for even greater performance boost. Your jet ski will love you for it and so will your gas tank!

Upgrade to Pro Hose

Better than any “Pro” hose out there! That’s right, nothing comes close. This hose is specifically designed for ultra performance.

Upgrade to a Double Swivel

This is a secondary swivel for the Power Flow System. It dramatically improves hose management and hose kinks. Connects directly to the booster hose.

Add a Steering Adapter

This adapter lets you quickly switch from fly mode to jet ski mode. It quickly clamps on and off to the jet pump allowing you full steering capability (not reverse). With this adapter you won’t need to reassemble your stock parts that you took off every time you want to use your jet ski for riding. Simply bolt on your existing stock reduction nozzle and steering nozzle to this adapter.

NOTE: Reverse will not work with this adapter. Though it is possible to modify this set up so that reverse works we do not support it due to many variations of jet ski nozzles.

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EX1 is what a flyboard water jet board should be. Wataboard EX1 fly board is everything you want in a water jet board and everything you didn’t know you wanted. Fits most Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda jet ski models. This model comes complete with everything you need for flyboarding. Just add water and your own boots/bindings.

You get:

  • 1 x Wataboard (pre-assembled with end nozzles)
  • 1 x removable stabilizer bar
  • 1 x 65 foot hose
  • 1 x 360 degree swivel connector
  • 4 x super clamps
  • 1 x hose suspension strap with stainless steel carabiners
  • 1 x ratchet strap
  • 1 x 180 degree redirect tube
  • 1 x nozzle adapter for 155mm size pump (this is most models after 1998) jet ski.

Additional information

Weight120 lbs
Dimensions27 × 20 × 17 in


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